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Training a service dog begins with a strong obedience foundation rooted the four training C's - consistency, conditioning, commands and consequences prior to pursuing the challenging work of becoming a certified working dog, These dog are often tasked with highly developed and specific skill sets which only increases their value as dogs are customized fortheir owners needs. Typically service animals cost between $15,000 and $30,000 a price far exceeding many budgets. This is especially burdensome when the need is essential and would greatly increase someone's quality of life. Thats where Simply Balanced K9 comes in.


Lots of Work and Play. Like any big undertaking training your pup to be a certified working animal requires lots of dedication and commitment. Depending on how often we train together it will be up to you to continue training while we are apart. We will teach you everything you need but good dog training begins and ends with consistency and constant reinforcement from the handler. We will be wholly dedicated to meeting and achieving all your needs and goals but we can't do it alone. Training requires all of us working together for one common purpose. However we can assure you the outcome will be worth every bit of effort!


If you're thinking of getting a puppy or have a young or adolescent dog that you'd like to train to be your service animal then contact Simply Balanced K9 now and start today! The time is NOW. Our training packages are sold in sets of five which allows you to chip away at the training costs. We work individually with each of our clients to develop a unique training regiment that fits your specific needs. As training progresses we will continue to come together to reevaluate our progress and will makes changes as necessary. This is not a one-size-fits all training environment. We understand that both our clients and dogs needs are unique as they pertain to their individual needs and backgrounds and we embrace that in every way!

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