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    Pioneering one of the first (early) puppy board and train programs we have trained hundreds of puppies beginning as early as eight weeks. We truly believe the best training starts early and training at this age ensures your pup starts training with a clean slate, fresh from any unwanted behaviors.

    Did you know that puppies requires 3-5 hours of daily, focused attention to matre into a balanced adult. Many owners do not realize that by 6 months of age most of a puppy's behaviors are there to stay and willl require a great deal of attention (often professional) to undo. Why not get ahead of it all?  All training is done in our home where your puppy will receive round  the clock care supervision and love! We welcome your puppy in to our home and treat them as one of our own. We cover all the important puppyhood bases and lay the crucial foundation necessary for a balanced adult.

    For your viewing pleasure, we provide a multitude of glimpses into your pups life with us through training videos. Besides being so stinkin' cute it provides you an opportunity to start training yourself while your pup is away!  If you not only want to give your puppy the best best star but the best chance at growing into an incredible dog this is for YOU!


This program teaches your puppy the foundations he will need to learn basic obedience skills. Puppies going home after this training will still require fairly constant reinforcement and training in order to solidify their knowledge of the commands & behaviors. This two-week offering lays an extremely strong foundation from which the owner can build upon.

  • Basic Commands:

    • “Sit” 

    • “Come”- walk/run to me 

    • “Down”- laying position

    • “Stay/Wait”- stop what you are doing and sit

    • "Yes!" – Good Job! That's what I wanted you to do! Treat is on the way!

    • "ehh", "uhh-uhh"  or "No." - Stop doing that and look at me! 

    • "Drop It"- Release whatever is in your mouth

  • Handling

    • Get pup used to handling by groomers, vets and owners

    • Includes getting eyes, ears, feet, mouth handled as well as resources such as toys and food

  • Name recognition 

  • Crate Training (upon request)

  • Beginner House Manners

    • No Jumping, (for attention) Nipping, Chewing (unless puppy appropriate) or Barking

    • “Off”- four paws on the floor and wait to be greeted; puppies sit for affection

  • Beginner Leash Manners

    • Introduction to leash, collar and walking

    • "Let's Go" - Move with me, 

    • “Wait” sit when I stop. 

  • Creation of Routines:

    • a well-established house-breaking routine

    • Mealtime routine 

    • Bedtime routine

    • Playtime and Training Routines 

  • Socialization 

    • People, animals

    •  new places

    • textures & sounds


    Our unique programming lasts 2-16 weeks and provides an extremely well-rounded experience with not one but two trainers. Unlike a majority of other similar programs your puppy lives in our home with us and our pack. We believe the best way to teach a young pup how to behave in a home is to actually have them living in a home (sounds obvious but youd be surprised how uncommon this is). 

    While with us, your pup literally becomes apart of our lives. Some weeks we may be landscaping outside or working with power tools. We may need to take a long drive, repair a leaky sink or have a dance party. No matter what we are sure to always include your pup in whatever we do, teaching them how to be apart of these activities appropriately. We take field trips to the whirly gig park, spend afternoons hiking on trails or playing in the water. We believe training should always be fun and turn everything into a game your already inquisitive pup has to figure out!

    The two-week offering lays an extremely strong foundation from which the owner can build upon. While so much can be done in two-weeks, we highly suggest a program of three or more. The more time spent with us the stronger your puppy's foundation will be. We have found beginning in week three pups begin eliciting the trained behaviors on their own, based on trainer and environmental cues. Our goal is to give your pup her own little tool-belt to refer to should you have an off day or two. Puppies staying four to six weeks typically come home looking like little puppy rockstars.  These pups are likely what you have in mind when you hear the phrase “trained puppy”.  

    If you are a busy family, have an ever-changing work schedule, are a first time owner or just want to set your puppy on the best path possible our puppy board and train is for you! Its time to start enjoying the gifts a puppy provides without the common puppy pitfalls and frustrations!


    Owners will receive an in-depth transfer session, enabling us to hand the reigns over to you.  This will include orientating them to training methodologies and practicing these skills prior to leaving. 

   All puppies, no matter the program will also leave our training facility with an extensive “puppy training manual”. So, don’t worry We will teach you how to train your dog! Covering everything they learned, this our puppy guide will help you continue your puppy’s path of success. We will also provide suggestions for continued training and resources for any problematic behavior that may crop up as your puppy continues grow and mature.

More info on advanced training programs and/or Therapy/Emotional Support/Service Dog work are available upon request.


Let your pup become (temporarily)  part of our home while we provide the best, most intensive training program we offer. We fast-forward training and offer more results in less time!

 SBK9 offers programs ranging from two weeks to two months (and more). Beginning with an in-depth evaluation we completely customize your package to meet you and your pack’s unique needs. During training, we do the hard work of first undoing the old, unwanted behaviors then introducing, imprinting, and reinforcing the new obedience behaviors during your dog’s stay with us and setting a solid foundation. At graduation, we spend hours handing you the reigns and showing you everything your pup has learned during our in-depth transfer session. We ensure you have all the tools and knowledge necessary to maintain your dog’s new skills and behaviors. We will also send you home with a detailed guide of the training techniques allowing you to continue reenforcing the work at home. 

    This is the perfect program if you want a well-behaved dog but do not have extensive time to devote to one-on-one training or you just simply don't have the skill set needed to fix your dog’s unruly behaviors. Your dog will stay in our home and learn how to behave appropriately. Days are filled with lots of training sessions, structured playtime & socialization, field trips, naps, and everything else your pup needs. Although there is two trainers in the home, we only take on a maximum of 3 pups at a time, guaranteeing your pup receives all the attention and devotion he/she needs to become the amazing pup he was born to be. 

Prior to the start of your board and train we assess your dog, and together determine what type of training would be most beneficial.  If there is a behavioral problem, we’ll give a preliminary diagnosis, and prognosis. The start date for the Board and Train is typically decided upon at the conclusion of the evaluation.

Board and Train |  3 Phases

The duration of the most popular board and train program is 14-days.  While the vast majority (>90%) of the dogs that enter our program require 14-days to complete the training, some dogs will need a longer stay with us the achieve the best results. However, this is only done at the owner’s discretion and approval

This breakdown is based on a typical 14-day stay with us.


    Once your dog is at our home we begin a 3-phase training process with them.

Introduction/ Trust Building Phase (1-2 Days)

    Before we begin intensive training with your dog, we always take time for your dog to become comfortable with us and acclimate to his/her new environment. We spend time going on walks, playing, etc. all in pursuit of your dog beginning to build trust in us. We never rush this process as we believe that a comfortable dog is a happy dog (and happy dogs are more receptive to training)!

Teaching phase (5-8 Days)

    This is the longest of the phases and the most important. We first test your dog’s skill level in various areas and then work on anything that requires additional attention. Its here we introduce new commands, reinforce old ones and begin to develop a solid, structured training routine.

Enforcement Phase (4-6 Days)

    Once your dog has learned the exercises we begin enforcing the commands to ensure reliability for you. It’s here we introduce varying levels of distraction. We want him/her to be able to respond appropriately in any situation.

The Turnover Process: Teaching You to Continue the Training
   It’s great to train dogs, but if we simply trained your dog and then sent them home to you, our program wouldn’t be complete.  Because of this we have carefully crafted a training program for you too. Upon pick-up owners will receive written homework as well as a complete guide to everything your dog has learned (or unlearned) and how to implement training at home. Owners also receive video clips of training sessions viewable on our Facebook page. This also gives owners a chance to watch our training methods and begin the process of training themselves. 

    If you have any additional questions or concerns about our Board and Train Program or any of our training services please feel free to contact us.

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