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What a great decision it was to enroll our sweet Coco in Training with Lauren & Andrea! It is really unbelievable how much she learned in her 2 short weeks there... she has great manners (we particularly love the way she "sits pretty" & waits for our commands), she comes when called, sits & lays down when prompted and is just very well-behaved overall. She is crate trained & when she plays out, she goes and gets in her little "place" on her own!!! It has been such a smooth transition! We enjoyed watching (and learning how) Lauren (the dog whisperer) trained Coco... it was a wonderful opportunity for our family to learn HOW to continue her training at home & it helped our anxious hearts seeing photos & videos daily. I cannot express how wonderful this experience has been! We HIGHLY recommend Simply Balanced K9. A smart investment with a mighty reward!!!


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