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As dog trainers and behaviorists our goal is to help you   trulyunderstand who your dog is and what he/she TRULY needs to be happy. We believe Dogs have an emotional well-being thats equally as important as our own.


We all have unique backgrounds, training variables, types of dogs, living arrangements etc so why should all our training be the same? As Dog+Humanologists our approach is two-fold and is both dog and human centric. By focusing on training, behavior, dog psychology (aka our pups emotional well-being) and canine cognition we are able to help owners see their part in creating some of their pup's unwanted behaviors and how to fix it.


Our training focuses primarily on using reward-based techniques. However,  in order to increase reliability we introduce additional tools and techniques when necessary. All trainings tools are optionals and always discussed with each owner prior to introduction.


By using and/or teaching owners to harness their own calm, assertive energy we help to translate this energy into creating a well-balanced dog and home. Often empowering owners as they learn how to communicate effectively with their pups. We often forget dog have no concept of language. Most of the time its not that your pup is stubborn or refuse to listen its that he simply has no idea what you are trying to say!


We approach each new dog as  if it were brand new and aren't afraid to rewrite the playbook (if necessary). We are all about creating a training experience that speaks to the strengths and abilities of each individual allowing us to construct a beneficial and long-lasting training regiment.


Feedback is crucial for development and training success. Not only for our owners but the trainers as well. Effective, constructive communication greatly increases successful training outcomes. The relationship with our owners is just as vital as the one we have with their pup. Ultimately our success comes within our ability to effectively teach you how to work with your pup.  We are always striving to become better trainers which is why feedback from our owners is just as necessary to us as it is.

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