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The goal of Simply Balanced K9 is to provide high quality  balanced training at an affordable price. We believe ALL dog owners deserve the opportunity to have their dog trained or problematic behaviors dealt with by seasoned, caring professionals. We understand both the difficulties of dealing with unwanted behavior as well as the overwhelming nature of training a new pup and seek to turn training and into something fun and approachable for all.



Dog Training Fanatic

Training animals is in my DNA and I've spent most of my life  working alongside some of our most magnificent domesticated animals. After studying animal science in college it was only natural for my path to lead to full-time training. After working alongside many great trainers, I started my first business Pawsitive Training by Lauren in 2014.  Alongside my partner, Andrea, we trained dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and backgrounds.  That success soon lead to a partnership with one of North Carolina's largest breeders. During this time I primarily focused on puppies ages eight to 16 weeks and trained them in my home for anywhere between two weeks to three months. I recently decided to venture back out on my own in order to re-open my scope of training. This fresh start gave me the opportunity to change my business name to Simply Balanced K9. I felt this name better suited my style which seeks to bring balance and harmony to my clients homes. While I rely heavily on positive training methodology, I also believe dogs should understand what the word "No" means. I reinforce this by turning training into something fun and approachable for all. We believe that balance is important in all areas of our lives. Moderation. Moderation. Moderation. When we are able to bring balance to all areas of our lives it is then we feel more peaceful



Finding Balance Everywhere

I grew up in a household surrounded by animals and loved being able to train them into amazing family pets. Ive always believed a well-behaved, well-mannered dog creates harmony and unity within the home and that training should start as early as possible. In graduate school while working towards my Masters in clinical psychology I took an elective on animal psychology and was hooked. I believe human and animal psychology are vital elements in successful training. I find these skills especially important in our service/emotional support/therapy dog work. It is here is seek to learn as much as possible about both our human and canine clients and work to provide the most comprehensive training possible. As our work often involves training both  human and dog alike my background allows me to more quickly identify areas for improvement  and our clients often leave with a better and stronger relationships.Ive spent the last five years working alongside my partner Lauren and together we make an unstoppable team dedicated to making our clients lives happier and their canine relationships more fulfilling.

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